right or wrong, let’s meet

Let’s meet beyond any thoughts of what is right or wrong, feeling what is felt, knowing the awe-ful aloneness in it, we choose to connect, to discover what is here, to celebrate being together.   You can find opportunities here  

What has Self – Love got to do with it?

This apparent world which is both real and unreal, both something and nothing, is simply love, aloha, unfolding. So to ‘love oneself’ and to always celebrate the precious life you are, is, in ‘your’ unfolding story, the first massive step towards being. There is no one, there is no separation, all there is is this,
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Who are you?

‘You’ –and your challenges – are vast, boundless, empty fullness, unconditional love unfolding. What is, is perfection. Including suffering and challenge and delight. When oneness is seen, the ordinary is a miracle. The most mundane thing we can ever do is truly extraordinary. Love is what ‘you’ are. ‘You’ are light. ‘You’ are simply life.
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What would be the point of you having a daily meditation practice?

Recently, I was drawn to remind the participants of the current Being With All That Is ongoing group, that if they are moved to make the worldly story better-and there is nothing wrong with that!-how helpful a regular meditation and self-healing practice is, however simple. The beginning of the day is a good time and if
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How does Hawaiian lomilomi massage benefit you?

Hawaiian massage or LomiLomi massage or Huna Massage, can bring very significant shifts in your life experience, allowing you freedom from old patterns of limitation and more of the natural happiness and freedom of being. Lomilomi will do all this for you – . Cleanse and detoxify, enhancing all homeostatic systems and organs of your body. ·
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7 keys to Intimacy

7 Keys to Intimacy arose as I guided a committed ongoing group into deep, alchemical meeting. What a wonderful 4 days I just shared in the Joyful Loving circle. It is such a privilege to work with these men and women. One thing which fascinated me was how even in this extraordinary sanctum of consciousness,
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How to make the love that you are – physically

You are Love. Life is love, unfolding in myriad forms. You deeply know how to ‘make’ love. Love, sex, sacredness naturally go very well together, whatever your old stories from earlier relationships or your current one. Deep ongoing intimacy and beautiful, powerful sex on a ongoing basis requires commitment, clear communication, education, energetic sensitivity and loving
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